PogoPass_Parents Kids Las Vegas

Pogo Pass is a great value for the whole family, providing admissions to tons of venues (see below)

for ONE LOW PRICE of only $39.98*.

Whether you are visiting or a local, you will

Save HUNDREDS with Pogo Pass!


*This is the price for a Las Vegas pass with  

promo code LVKD

Pogo Pass is also available in Waco/Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Phoenix/Tucson, Kansas City. 

Promo code is valid for 20% OFF in any city where
Pogo Pass is available!!



Not Convinced Yet?

Let's Do the Math: Cowabunga Bay Admission is $39.99 for the day, Pogo Pass is $39.98 for the year

and INCLUDES your one day at Cowabunga Bay PLUS admission to all of the other venues FREE!

There is no better deal available!

If you would still like more info visit pogopass.com and find out more - make sure to use

promo code LVKD when purchasing to receive your 20% OFF!

Makes a great gift!

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased using the promo code.

Click HERE to see Pogo Pass FAQs

See what venues are available in  the other cities - click HERE